Thursday, July 20, 2006

Another Wine Blog?

I know what you're thinking - the world needs another "welcome to the wonderful world of wine" blog like I need a hole in the head. You're probably right, but I'm not really excited by what's out there, so I'm going to do it my way. You're more than welcome to join me on this journey... or you can sit back and watch Andrea Immer's Simply Wine on the Food Network. I have to admit, she's a lot better than I am and she has breasts, which I am sadly lacking. But, if you watch Simply Wine, you'll have to sit through her gushing over a $6.99 bottle of Chateau du Poop that's available in her newly branded wine section at Target. I'll never do that to you. I'm going to make you spend at least $24.99 before I start gushing. Why? Because there are just some things in life that you can't get for $6.99. And a great bottle of wine is one of those things. Even at Target.

So why call it "The Aspiring Wino?"

They say "If the shoe fits..." Most people I hang out with want to enjoy wine and enjoy a lot of it. They don't really care about finding the perfect descriptor for what they're tasting - "Well Chet, I do taste that hint of elderberry you mentioned, but I'm also picking up a little taste of pine tar and dinkleberries." They probably know the difference between zinfandel and pinot noir, but if you started talking about the Santa Lucia Highlands, they might think you're getting ready for a single malted scotch. These are the same people that might be impressed by your vertical of Chateau d'Yquem, but they'd be far more impressed if you actually opened one and drank the damn thing. They're just normal people.

That said, most normal people really don't know where to start with wine. And add a bunch of friends to the mix and most people start to get intimidated by wine. You all know someone that is "the wine guy" in your group of friends. It gets to the point where you'd rather drive 20 miles out of the way to buy some cheese or something because you're worried he's going to think you brought a cheap bottle of wine to his house. "Oh you SO bought that at Albertsons. Why don't I open it RIGHT NOW so you can have a glass?" Hopefully, this blog will give you some ideas for that bottle of wine that will blow the wine guy away. At worst, he'll know you didn't buy it at Albertsons.

So, enjoy the blog. I'm not "the wine guy." I'm just an aspiring wino. My wife would drop "aspiring" out of the title, but hey, I like it. The Aspiring Wino.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the slowest moving blog on the planet.


Miss you guys!


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